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  • Llegó Vibrasón!.3:39


VibraSÓN's music respects and pays tribute to the old classical salsa of the Boogaloo era of the 1960s, while adding a contemporary sensation to the sound, with the dancers in mind. The vibraphone-centered format echoes the sounds of an era of Latin music in which the big bands gave way to smaller and more modern club-sized ensembles.

The softness of the vibraphone encompasses the intimacy of a compact group that connects with its surroundings in clubs with dancers practically at the top of the stage. Swing is the king in these scenarios, and VibraSÓN glorifies the tension of a band composed of percussion instruments, adding the vocal character of modern songs.

The band was founded by Jake Jacobs, a salsa dancer / instructor for more than 20 years in the Bay Area, whose father was a pianist, and his uncle played xylophone / vibes.