His own music career started out with some turntables in a youth club in a small town in the center of Germany. Having the possibility to create was a motivation for his early music career which also includes several Hip Hop & Reggae band projects.

After moving to Cologne and mastering the craft of turntablism the impactful message of reggae became a stronger part of his conscious way of living & music. Due to his natural ability to connect with the people around him, he became a live DJ for several Cologne-based rappers.

His turntable skills & his genre-bending DJ-Sets generates a reputation which leads him to the biggest festivals like Rototom Sunsplash, Summerjam and Splash, and countless club shows in Germany. Dj Densen´s reputation for organic productions made him work with several international artists like Lutan Fyah, Royal Blu, Kenny Smyth, RC, or German rappers like Trettmann, Veedel Kaztro, and Goldroger. In the last years he also made waves as a remixer his infamous Jorja Smith Bootleg that even got played on BBC.


Other releases: King MAS feat. Treesha - More Than Friends (ZJ Heno Productions) Taïro feat. Treesha - Champion (on the album Reggae Francais) Runkus feat. Treesha & Royal Blu - Ride (Oneness Records) Treesha feat Queen Ifrica – Figher Daughter Tresha – Balance me out Treesha – Angel of mine

DJ Densen connects the “Do it yourself” attitude of Hip Hop and the rebellious spirit of Reggae in his music. What makes his music outstanding is, that most of the instruments that you hear are played live.

The Cologne-based producer and musical autodidact (guitar & keyboard) is working with a selection of respected musicians. Equipped with endless energy to generate ideas DJ Densen is a creative nature by birth. In his music the driven activist takes a stand for anti-racism.

This is highlighted in his production “We Need Love” by Denham Smith & Treesha. This track embodies a call for more grace of charity and tolerance on different angles. Music is a tool for DJ Densen to spread an inclusive message. Therefore, the cultural entrepreneur is not just driven to push his music career as a producer, DJ, and event organizer.

For many years DJ Densen worked as a street worker. Now he brings the two worlds together. For the Goethe Institute and as part of the Cologne-based NGO V.I.N.A e.V. DJ Densen organized several socio-musical projects because he knows from his own experience what positive impact music can have on teenagers. 

Treesha - Same Ol'Song

    Latin Jazz & More

Treesha was born in Nairobi, Kenya as Patricia Wambui Mwaura and is the last of four children. Her path to become a musician was paved early. First by her name Wambui which means Singer of songs in Kikuyu. And second by her father - the late John Ben Mwaura - who played the guitar and sang to her.

She discovered her own voice at the age of 8 years and joined a school choir, which she later on became the leader of. Besides the school choir, she became a member of a church gospel choir in Nairobi, where she widened her vocal range and received profound knowledge of harmonies.

After settling in Cologne, Germany in her teenage years, she finished her high school education and became a Medical Assistant. Besides her job, she became a regularly requested recording and live artist for the local music scene in Cologne. The diverse experience with harmonies and different music styles in her early years helped her tremendously, for this purpose.

In 2012 she joined the German Reggae singer Gentleman & The Evolution Band, and brought her performance and singing skills to new heights through extended stage experience on a global world-class level. Besides Gentleman, she has worked for and with other artists, including Oceana.

Another milestone was the release of her debut album ‘Listen’ in 2015. Significantly involved in this project were Denham Smith (co-writer) and the Evolution Band, who produced most of the instrumentals on the album. It also gained a refreshing diversity of musical styles through other well known producers such as Oneness, Ben Bazzazian and DJ Densen. Besides Reggae, which is the glue of her oeuvre, influences of RnB, Pop, Hip Hop, Dancehall and African music spice up her songs.

Songs from the album like ‘Love You Like 123’ (feat. Skarra Mucci) and ‘We Need Love’ (feat. Denham Smith) ascended to the number 1 rankings in the German Reggae Charts and successfully defended their positions for over a month. During the same time period, ‘Don’t Do It’ was represented in the charts as well.

In 2016 Treesha conquered the German MTV Urban Charts with the Number 1 hit single ‘Rude Gyal Swing’ (DeeBuzz & Hard2Def feat. Treesha & Bay C). The dance party track even edged out international hits like DJ Khaled - ‘I Got the Keys’, Fergie - ‘M.I.L.F. $’ and Major Lazer - ‘Cold Water’.

Relationships can collapse easily by a slight breeze when words don’t match the taken actions. Or as Treesha sings in Same ol’ Song “Everything you say inna di wind it fly away”. With her warm and charismatic voice, the Cologne-based singer leads us through a soulful production by DJ Densen which blends RnB, Pop with a decent Caribbean swing. Treesha, the Kenyan born vocalist, who got millions of listeners on Spotify with her song “Rude Gyal Swing”, and DJ Densen already teamed up in 2015 for the song “We Need Love” feat. Denham Smith. In a classic color scheme, the music video for Same ol’ Song tells the story of a couple going through the good & the vulnerable times of their relationship. Is their connection able to rebuild?