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Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra

  • Paradise Has No Border on Room Service5:05

In the late 1980s, a group of musicians rose from the Tokyo street/club scene, and called themselves, “Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra (TSPO).”

It was not long after that their overwhelming live performances attracted significant attention from Tokyo audiences, and the band released their first independent record, the vinyl only “TOKYO SKA PARADISE ORCHESTRA” with its now-famous yellow jacket.

Ever since, the band has been pursuing its unique sound of “Tokyo Ska,” blending and redefining musical genres to the delight of fans in and out of Japan. They have also taken their acclaimed live show worldwide, performing in Europe, US and Latin America, including world-class festivals such as Glastonbury, Coachella and Vive Latino

GAMO(Tenor sax)
谷中敦(Baritone sax)

以降も甲本ヒロト、Ken Yokoyama、宮本浩次、桜井和寿など数多くのボーカリストを迎え入れるなか、10-FEET、MONGOL800、ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATIONとはバンドコラボ3部作に挑むなど、センセーショナルなコラボレーションが常に話題となっている。


デビュー30周年イヤーを駆け抜けている今も尚、バンドのテーマである“NO BORDER”を掲げ、音楽シーンの最前線を走り続けながらトーキョースカの楽園を広げ続けている。

Ever since, they have always created buzz with their sensational collaboration projects with a string of vocalists such as Hiroto Komoto, Ken Yokoyama, Hiroji Miyamoto, and Kazutoshi Sakurai to name a few, as well as the challenge of another trilogy with bands namely 10-FEET, MONGOL800, and ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION.
The band has always made the world their stage; they have performed in 31 countries to date, and have performed at numerous major music festivals including Glastonbury (UK), Eurockéennes (France), Montreux Jazz Festival (Switzerland), Vive Latino (Mexico), and Lollapalooza Chile (Chile).  In 2013, they became the first Japanese artists to take the main stage of Coachella Festival (USA). 
Furthermore in October 2019, the band won the Espéctaculo Alternativo category of Las Lunas del Auditorio, the biggest music awards in Mexico, for their live performances in the said country that had fanaticized the local people over the year. 
And now, racing through their 30th debut anniversary year, Tokyo Ska Paradise continues to expand the paradise of “Tokyo Ska” under the mantra of “NO BORDER” and running the forefront of the music scene.

インストゥルメンタルバンドとしての確固たる地位を築くなか、  2001年からはメンバーによる作曲、谷中敦(Baritone sax)による作詞でゲストボーカルを迎え入れる”歌モノ”に挑戦。
田島貴男、チバユウスケ、奥田民生を迎え、日本の音楽シーンに衝撃をもたらした”歌モノ”シングル3部作はヒットし、 2002年リリースのアルバム「Stompin’ On DOWN BEAT ALLEY」はヒットチャートで1位を獲得、50万枚の大ヒットを記録する結果となった。

​Based on Jamaican-born ska music, Tokyo Ska Paradise, Japan’s ska pride to the world, takes in all sorts of music with unique interpretations and has established their own style of sound that they call “Tokyo Ska”.
The band made their debut in 1989 with their eponymous album (so-called “the yellow vinyl”).  After going through a number of personnel changes, the current lineup consists of nine members.
As they solidify their status as an instrumental band, the band has also taken on the challenge of doing “songs” since 2001, with music written by the members and lyrics written by baritone saxophonist Atsushi Yanaka, bringing in guest vocalists.  The “song” single trilogy, featuring Takao Tajima, Yusuke Chiba, and Tamio Okuda respectively, made an impact on the Japanese music scene and resulted in their 2002 album “Stompin’ On DOWN BEAT ALLEY”, which marked #1 on the hit chart and became a smash hit selling 500,000 copies.