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With arrangements and compositions by Joe Mannozzi, the album Big Band Latin Jazz starts with the song Jazz in The Park. Elegant and with outstanding harmonies we listen to the solos of the Puerto Rican Jonathan Montes on the piano and Francisco Torres (Poncho Sanchez) on the trombone.

No Limit shows an interesting tension from its beginning and presents the solos of Ron Frances Blake (flugelhorn), Frank Fontaine (saxophone) and Carlo Lopez himself in the tumbadoras.

Anthony Gil takes care of the flute solo in the cha-cha cha cha cha Smooth Cha while John Belzaguy plays the bass guitar. Thinking Of You is a bolero. The album closes with The Only, a beauty for the listener with a frantic solo of Joey de Leon on timbales.

The Echo Park Project presents its fourth Big Band Latin Jazz production. The ensemble, directed by percussionist Carlo Lopez, edited Retro New York Salsa (2006), El Viernes Social (2009) and La Hora De Bailar (2015).

Inspired by the name of the populated neighborhood of Echo Park in the city of Los Angeles on the West Coast of the United States, they possess an unparalleled flavor.

His music is designed for the dancer. Although on this occasion they created only instrumental songs, the whole root of the salsa is still there, settled.

The Echo Park Project – Big Band Latin Jazz

  Smooth Cha