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Steven Kroon’s bands have always been an exciting prospect. Lately his music has resembled a kind of sonic teeter-tooter. In the one hand the group’ sound has been informed by a radiant sound that came aglow because of Bryan Carrott’s vibraphone and Tim Ries’ piano and on the other end of the tilt there has been the authoritative rumble of Steven Kroon’s thunderous percussion, softened sometimes by Mr. Kroon’s angular muffled slap on his congas and the soft caress on a cymbal, or by the subtle hues created by the brushes of Vince Cherico on the expanse of skins.

Steven Kroon 

Steve Kroon was born in Spanish Harlem to parents who had moved to New York City from their native Puerto Rico.  He studied Afro-Cuban percussion with Tommy López, Sr. and later Brazilian rhythms with Dom Um Romão. 

Steven Kroon - When There Is Love

This exquisite balance has been the hallmark of Mr. Kroon’s music and it has brought in many admirers for his loose elegance that has, nevertheless, boasted a gentle swagger that has given Mr. Kroon’s music a gentlemanly wallop. This in turn has set Steven Kroon apart as a percussionist as well as a musician. His recording On the #1 is no exception.

Precious One - Steven Kroon