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Sr. Wilson is one of the most respected artists on the Reggae and Dub scene, with a career spanning over 10 years. He also boasts hundreds of performances throughout Europe, as well as Latin America, USA and Japan.

His versatility as an artist has led him to collaborate with artists like Manu Chao, Mellow Mood, Big Red (Raggasonic), Macaco and Fermin Muguruza, amongst many others. In the past two years, Sr. Wilson has worked non-stop to hone his sound and create a unique sound that is truly his.

After over ten years in the business, it felt necessary for him to evolve his sound to align with current trends, taking influence from modern styles like Reggaeton.

‘Aire’ signals Sr. Wilson delving into a more Afrobeat sound, with Spanish lyrics and no element of production left unconsidered. His Reggae and Dancehall influences are prominent as he explores new sound textures. With old school synths, afro-pop beats, heavy bass lines and samples, ‘Aire’ emits a cheerful R&B vibe, reminiscent of old-school Drake, Burna Boy and Bad Bunny.

Sr. Wilson entrusted the production of 'Aire' to Genís Trani, a renowned Catalan producer who he felt was the perfect fit for his new musical era.

The track narrates the feeling of rebirth after the end of a toxic relationship - rediscovering the ability to make important, life-changing decisions alone. Ultimately, Sr. Wilson wanted ‘Aire’ to deliver a positive message of resurgence and reaffirmation.

The track is very personal to Sr. Wilson, who is keen to offer advice to his listeners: "Be yourself. Put your emotions and feelings first, and don’t let anyone tell you who you are. Life always gives opportunities to start again."