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The Chilean group Sonaseka debuted with the phonogram Salsa Del Fin Del Mundo. Created by the composer and timbalero Dalibor Yutronic Allende in Antofagasta, Chile, in 2011, Sonaseka was initially born as an ensemble to accompany salsa luminaries, particularly vocalists, such as MAelo Ruiz, Luisito Carrion, Pedro Arroyo or Tirso Duarte, Cano Estremera among others.

Salsa Del Fin Del Mundo, album containing 9 cuts, 7 of which were written and arranged by Allende himself

The album opens with a powerful download titled, Intro. An instrumental theme, in order to present the members of the ensemble, highlights Dalibor Yutronic Allende on the timpani solo, as well as Einer Araya Saavedra on the piano solo.

Una Aventura Mas, although romantic, preserves the fiery force of salsa in the old style, with aggressive cuts and the outstanding solo by Jorge González Gradin on the congas. The impressive son montuno Sigo En Pie highlights David Henríquez Cortes on the trumpet and Juan Ocayo Tapia on the bongo solo.

The adaptation, in salsa, of the classic De Música Ligera (Zeta Bosio & Gustavo Cerati) by Soda Estereo is irreverent, interesting and well accomplished. The great Mapuche song is a tribute to this indigenous tribe, also known as Los Araucanos, inhabitants of the territory that corresponds to Chile and Argentina.

No Hay Voluntad is a song with a cadence very much tailored for the street dancer on the corner. Violeta Parra's classic number Gracias A La Vida is treated saucy.

Excellent debut of the Chileans. A sound journey that surrounds us and manages to bewitch us.