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Became one of the top female musicians during the 1980s due to her fierce drumming style and her Latin rhythms. A former protégé of Prince, Sheila became a drummer in his band before branching off into solo musical projects. In addition to being considered the best female drummer alive, Sheila E. has also expanded into acting roles, most notably in the urban cult classic film Krush Groove (1985).

​Sheila met Prince at an Al Jarreau concert in 1978. After the show, he met her and told her that he and his bassist André Cymone "were just fighting about which one of us would be the first to be your husband". He also prophetically vowed that one day she would join his band. The two would eventually join forces during the Purple Rain recording sessions.

Sheila E

​Singer, Producer, Drummer, Percussionist, occasionally plays violin and guitar.

​​Born 12 December 1957: Oakland, CA, USA