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11 songs included in this first material, all the songs without a doubt a musical delight from beginning to end. Material highly recommended.

Orquesta La Potente

Hernando Ramírez – trombón
Fabián Santander – Bajo
Juan Gabriel Guarnido – vocal

Músicos Invitados
Fabián Vargas
Hernando López
José Miguel Quintero
Miguel Ángel Martínez
Gerardo Rosales
Eddie Marrero

The musical project, led by Fabián Santander and Hernando Ramírez, brings to his audience the aggressiveness of the trombones, and the resounding sound of the pianist Hernando López (Nandu).

​The Powerful one begins a cycle after finishing with the pleasant revelation of its Sound 70 orchestrating in a demented way its great sonorous contribution and of great auditory quality. His previous materials in LP format are Sonido 70, Sonido 70 Suelta las armas, Orquesta La Potente, Living legends of salsa and La Potente, as guest artists Fabián Vargas, Hernando López, José Miguel Quintero, Miguel Ángel Martínez, Gerardo Rosales, Eddie Marrero, all the arrangements in charge of Hernando Ramírez and Fabián Santander.

Guaguanco Pa’ las Feas
Tu Caminar
Tumba Timbal
Eso No Cambia el Mundo
Yo Te Perdi
Dame Tu Amor
Pura Soledad
La Ultima de las Guerras
Guaguanco Pa’ las Feas Bonus Track