Mario Ortiz, Jr.’s Salsa album “Mario Ortiz All Star Band, 55 Aniversario” is one of those rare recordings where love and talent intertwine to create a musical gem.

This album was recently nominated for the 2019 Latin Grammy for Best Salsa Album.

Note: I’m correcting myself as I mentioned in a previous blog (“Marc Anthony, Gilberto Santa Rosa Miss Latin Grammy 2019”) that this album was left out of the nomination. Marito contacted me to point my oversight.

This is Marito’s (Mario Jr.’s nickname) 3rd nomination for a Latin Grammy, and many of his colleagues and fans are wishing for this one to be the charm.

​As with Marito’s previous two recordings, the concept behind “55 Aniversario” has a double purpose; one is to keep alive the memory and music of Marito’s father, the great trumpeter, arranger and bandleader Mario Ortiz. The other is a way for musicians to give their talent and a little time to honor the memory of whom was also a great man that contributed so much to our Latin music heritage.

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