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Mario Biondi

Biondi’s first with the label Sony Music – was co-produced by Incognito’s Jean-Paul Maunick, who was consistently wowed by Biondi’s vocal range: ‘‘If you have a voice like this, it is just a question of being discovered. It’s like you can have the most beautiful shiny coin, but if it is hidden under a stone people will never see it and it’s just removing the stone and allowing people to see and that was part of my job. A voice like that carries a history of music, it carries stories, it carries tonality, it carries a vibration that resonates with you – that’s what Mario’s voice does.”

Widely considered (at least in Italy) to be the nation’s answer to Barry White, Biondi has also worked with Jamiroquai’s old collaborator, Simon Hale, in a bid for wider, international recognition.

Italian soul singer, Mario Biondi, is making a late charge for global stardom with his album, ‘Sun’, featuring the hit single, ‘Shine On’.

Despite the video for ‘Shine On’ being shot against a gloomy London background, musically, it is representative of an album that is overwhelmingly upbeat, with a decidedly bright and buoyant theme throughout.

As Biondi explains, that was always going to be the case once the title was chosen: ‘‘From a project like ‘Sun’, you can expect a lot of energy, great spirituality, eroticism, and sensuality. There are so many components, it’s a project full of life because the sun is both the root of life on earth and the principal part of life on earth.’‘

Mario Biondi - I Chose You

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