Marchio Bossa

In 2001 The brothers Pippo and Piero Lombardo founded Marchio Bossa, this fine mixture of bossa, fusion and lounge music which features very elaborate compositions that are easy to understand and listen to.

In 2003 the band released with Azzurra Music the first of six very successful albums that have met the favor of the public and critics from all over the world.

Particularly appreciated in the Far East, the Bossa brand conquers the international rankings in  Japan, Korea, Thailand, etc ... and at the same time it affirms itself in Europe and the Americas.

There is no nation that has not appreciated the skilful cocktail of Bossa nova sung in Italian, Portuguese and French.

The latest album “persuasa” comincia in this days and “Why Not” is a sweet bossanova in english language and in brasilian mood.

  • WHY NOT3:14

Voice Maria Enrica Lotesoriere
Keyboards Pippo Lombardo
Guitar Alex Milella
Bass Beppe Sequestro 
Drums Fabio Delle Foglie

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