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Maelo y su Klan - Son Kizomba

Maelo y su Klan returns to the music scene in 2021 with his new song “Son Kizomba,” a fusion of two rhythms: SON from Cuba and KIZOMBA from Africa.

Ysmael D’La O, the popular MAELO, director of the Canary Islands band, continues to surprise his fans by merging the classic Antillean with the explosive Kizomba rhythm that is shaking Africa and Europe.

Maelo is an internationally renowned artist who has admirers in Colombia, Perú, Mexico, Curacao, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Canada, Holland, France, Italy, Greece, Germany, England, Sweden, Luxembourg, Cape Verde, Panama, Switzerland and Israel. “Those are some of the countries that listen to my music and where I have had the most support. For that I am very grateful and with much affection I have made this song, Son Kizomba.

  • Son Kizomba3:55