Latin Jazz & More

After having moved like a fish in the water through the currents of R&B, Tex-Mex, rock and jazz, drummer Ernie Durawa conformed Los Jazz Vatos, a Latin-jazz septet where cu-bop, funk and Downloads are the order of the day. Composed of some of the best musicians in Austin (Texas), his debut EL Jefe is composed of covers and original melodies arranged by trombonist Freddie Mendoza.

Throughout the recording we hear two singles: Jimmy Shortell and Steven Vague on the trumpet and tenor saxophone in the El Jefe cut, composed by Freddie Mendoza; The classic composed by Herbie Hancock Isla De Cantaloupe is treated as a cha cha cha with an unparalleled swing, Mendoza solos in the trombone and Durawa himself in the drums season him. Lindo San Anton highlights the piano solo of Mark Rubenstein. 6Th Street Messin Round, another of the original tracks on the album, explores the funk while Conjunto, original by Arturo Sandoval, has certain touches of Brazilian music.