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Llegó VibraSÓN (2019) / Remixes (2020)

The VibraSÓN band was formed in mid-2013 to fulfill a long yearning of its leader Jake Jacobs, an accomplished salsa dancer and instructor for over 20 years to bring some of the greatest dance music back into the live music scene.

The concept was to play the music of an older era with a hip sound for dancers and audiences alike. Many of the DJs and dancers in the scene adore such music and it is played frequently in recorded form - a comeback for a great era of innovative music that soothes the soul and stirs the dancer in all of us.

In Bay Area, rich with talent and populated with salsa bands, no group really was devoted to the genre.  Besides dancing/teaching Jake took up playing percussion around 10 years ago and has played with numerous bands in the Bay Area.

As the leader, he brings his musical tastes from both dancing and playing to the mix, plus a bevy of some of the greatest musical talent the Bay Area has to offer. VibraSON brings back great live music for dancers and listeners alike, while moving forward at the same time.

​Llegó VibraSÓN (2019) / Remixes (2020)

by VibraSÓN

Classic Salsa, Mambo, and Boogaloo meet Contemporary Latin. The cool sound of vibraphone electrifies dancers and captures the Latin music from the smoky clubs in the Boogaloo era with a modern twist. A favorite of mambo/salsa dancers everywhere. Release date: Nov 15, 2019