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Inspired by the name of the Tanzanian volcano Ol Doinyo Lengaï, the only one that expels black lava, the Canadian group Lengaïa debuts with the Impact production. Created in Montreal by Guiana trombone player Giany Huyghues-Despointes in 2012, the ensemble is made up of 12 musicians from Colombia, Peru, Venezuela, Martinique, French Guyana, Spain, Quebec ,.

With the participation of Ricky Campanelli in the musical production, Impact includes 9 original cuts in which the salsa lasts, without concessions and well executed marks the baton. Raw arrangements, old-fashioned and with a sound that reminds us of Bio Rhythm, in part, this is pure candle. Three trombones and a baritone saxophone exert a force of several horses. Surely one of the best salsa recordings in 2018. Put the signature on it.

​A La Molinera highlights the Spanish Gabriel Evangelista on the piano solo. Comedy Del Arte is a delight, arrangements, lyrics and melody that invites to dance will be the delight of the corner dancer, neighborhood store and alley. La Fortuna de Mamá, dedicated to mothers, presents a solo of timbales by Arturo Zegarra.

Mantra is a montuno son dragged with the correct vocalization of the Colombian Juan Mateo Barrera, a sonero to take into account, with the black soul in the throat, as he himself proclaims. Palo Monte is a download with messages of freedom and nostalgia while Picaña explodes with an insane bow. Just For Your Love, although romantic, has the entire candle to become a hit.

  • Mantra 5:49