Through their hard work and determination, in only 2 years, they have impressively managed to position themselves as one of the leading bands in Spain, including impressive performances at the Eurosonic Noorderslag (ESNS) in 2020 – one of the most prestigious business fairs for music professionals in Europe as well as at the Flawa Festival in London. They have also conquered the hearts and minds of the Catalan public with outstanding performances at Bioritme, Clownia, Black Music Festival and the Esperanzah festival amongst others.

Their lyrics tell the stories and carry the voices of voiceless women who struggled throughout the years: those strong figures that history did not glorify and kept in the shadows – these stories, and much more, are told in their upcoming album “Camino Asi” (Guspira Records 2021), literally translated “I walk like this”.


    Latin Jazz & More


Las Karamba is a young refreshing band formed by six women hailing from Venezuela, Cuba, Catalonia, Panama and Argentina – creating a multicultural and eclectic mix of sounds giving them a unique musical identity!

The Band was formed in 2018, amidst the chaos, traffic and stress of the streets of Barcelona. The idea was to blend their talents, and showcase how women can empower and help each other in conquering their fears by spreading joy, and by using their music and message as a way to vindicate the empowerment of women all over the globe.

The fusion of their different cultures creates their strength as they often mix and explore different musical genres ranging from Cha Cha Cha, Salsa, Rhumba, Timba and even Hip Hop. They inspire themselves from past generations of women who championed the fight for equality and women’s rights.

The album debuts with “Presentes”, an obvious declaration of intent through the musicalization of the homonymous poem by Guisela Lopez, which emphasizes their values, their objectives and principals to the a rhumba rhythm, and sets the tone for the rest of the album.

As mentioned, one of the main issues approached on the project is gender equality, as Las Karamba tell us the story of “Margarita”, a grandmother who longs for freedom. On “No Sabe Nah”, they take a more assertive position, and together with the singer Paula Grande, they sing an ode to female empowerment on a trap-influenced instrumental, which shows their versatility of their talent and the diversity of the sounds on the album.

Another characteristic of the band is their perseverance, which is reflected upon the track “Voy Subiendo” with the collaboration of Yuri Hernandez on the Trumpet and Albert Costa on the Trombone.

In “Pasa la Pagina”, they take as example a toxic relationship, doomed to failure, and encourage everyone to break free of fears and mental chains which are holding each one back from reaching their full potential and exploring all the amazing opportunities that life has to offer. The band encourages the listener to look optimistically towards the future and that every obstacle can overcome.

On “Basta Ya”, Las Karamba sheds light on (and dismantles) the social pressures and supposed dogmas of our patriarcal society in order to succeed in life. Also they remind everyone to focus on what is most important, love, on the beautiful “El Beso” track. In “Sabana” they do a reflection on the frenetic rhythm of the life that we lead in the modern world. Also the main reason why Las Karamba invite you to take time out to “relax” with their album “Camino Asi”, and to take some time out to forget about your fears and stresses for a little while, and deciding to see the world in another light, with your own rules, following the tempo of your feelings.