The 33 is perhaps the orchestra with the best present in Colombia. Launching its fifth production Hot Vol. V to commemorate its 15 years of existence, this orchestra that was born in a house on the 33rd street of Bogota, shows that its success is not accidental.

With musicians who came from different rhythms, such as jazz, rock and reggae, the brothers Mejia - Sergio (bass) and Santiago (keyboards) - and together with vocalist Guillermo Celis, they established a non-traditional salsa speech, but no less sticky.

Their success lies in the irreverence mixed with discipline that they have on the cusp as one of the best salsa orchestras in the world, according to our criteria. His debut La 33 appeared only in 2004.

His performance of La Pantera Mambo, number included in this recording and composed Henry Mancini, was the master key that opened the doors of international stages. With such a sublime arrangement it wasn't for less.

Caliente Vol. 5, which was recorded in the Audivision studios, has 6 numbers, and in which two covers are included. I am an Aminal, a legendary piece of the Spanish group Los Toreros Muertos, is a son montuno with the voice of Guillermo Celis and the solo of Santiago Mejia in the Rhodes.

Hot, the single that served was promotional and gave a title to the album, is another are montuno.

In this, the power exerted by the brass section is a transoceanic about to break the engines and leave everyone adrift. Gentleman, that's why I love salsa !!! Finding Alcanzarte, a composition by Sergio and Edgardo Garces, is vocalized by Edgardo Garces himself.

Fire is a re-interpretation in boogaloo of the Jimmy Hendrix classic. David Cantillo "Malpelo" Calambre takes care of the Calambre sauce.

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  • Buscando Alcanzarte 4:25