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Karla Leardini (Founder of MAMACITY, composition, alto saxophone and vocals). A neighbor of Barcelona for twelve years and of Colombian origin, she studied arts and sciences in the world of cinema and theater in Italy .

MAMACITY is a Latin music project, in which the interpretation of Afro-Caribbean dance rhythms is combined with other expressive resources such as poetry, theater and audiovisual elements. With the aim of inviting citizen participation beyond dance, the repertoire includes a performance, called PAU, dedicated «To the cant of ocells» according to the interpretation of the teacher Pau Casals.

Mamacity created in 2016 by Karla Leardini, the project is made up of eleven musicians from Latin America, the Caribbean and Catalonia, with a long professional career and a Barcelona residence for years.

Mamacity is more related to an artistic and expressive research than to the entertainment market that uses Latin music orchestras.

Since its inception and project, it seeks to create a different musical experience that connects with universal emotions, feelings and concerns, and at the same time generate a discourse that proposes a reflection linked to the context in which we move, hence the intentions of musical work, of the contents and the staging seek the syncretism of different elements, be it the social, cultural and artistic background of its components or the sociocultural context in which the orchestra now develops.

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