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Hailed as “The Ambassador of Afro-Dominican Jazz”, pianist & composer Josean Jacobo is bringing the music and culture of the Dominican Republic to an international audience.

His group “Josean Jacobo & Tumbao” creates an atmosphere rich in Afro-Descendant folkloric idioms and jazz following the steps of jazz stars today such as David Sánchez, Miguel Zenón and Danilo Pérez. 

Composer and pianist Josean Jacobo at this moment in time is one of the most representative jazz musicians of Santo Domingo. Jacobo owns a unique and exciting style, which with the support of his group, "Josean Jacobo & Tumbao", fill the audience with their original and innovative sound waves adorned with the explosive colors of the folkloric rhythms of their country; becoming the standard bearers of the Afro Dominican Jazz.

In his previous production, Balsié, the pianist starts a journey where, what we can already label as Afro-Dominican jazz comes out. In this new production the discovery of Jacobo and his group´s ancestral culture is slowly revealed and presented, in Cimarron, where it becomes openness, acceptance and given for a fact what we are as a society, what we need in order to grow and manages to capture all of it in the music by shouting out to the listeners - through rhythmic and melodic elements- of the cultural and religious diversity of the Dominican Republic. In this recordings Jacobo carries the banner of diversity and instills and shares love as the main force that the world needs so much in these times.

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