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Japan’s “Invisible Train”

If you aren’t already aware, Japan knows how to design and build trains. Take their “Shinkansen”trains, for example, which bolt across the Earth reaching tops speeds of 320 km/h (200 mph). The country even went as far as to develop a levitating bullet train, dubbed  the “Maglev train,” which set record speeds by reaching 580 km/h (360 mph) since its induction two years ago.

So it’s absolutely no surprise to hear that Japan is currently looking to build an “invisible” train.

Seibu Railway Co. already has a running train. But they’ve hired architect Kazuyo Sejima, a Pritzker Prize laureate, to redo the entire exterior and interior of their Red Arrow express commuter train. Sejima wants to make the entire exterior nearly transparent, and all of this hype is for commemorating their 100th year anniversary.

The train itself won’t be cloaked in invisibility, but the architects behind the work assert that it will blend into its immediate surroundings via the remarkably reflective mirrored surface.

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