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  • Déjame Decirte 5:25

Músicos: Piano – Eddie Palmieri; Bajo – Jonathan González; Conga – Andrés Cruz; Solo de conga – Jafet Murgia; Timbal – Ismael Cancel; Trombón – Alberto Nicolás Márquez; Trombón – Joey Oyola; Sólo de trombón – Ángel “Papo” Vazquez; Güiro – Enrique Serrano

The acclaimed Puerto Rican artist iLe has just released her second album Almadura, which follows in the footsteps of iLevitable, her solo debut that won the GRAMMY. Almadura can not only mean "hard soul", but also "armor", changing the r for the l in allusion to Puerto Rican pronunciation.

The album is co-produced by his partner Ismael Cancel and has the creative direction of his brothers Milena Pérez Joglar and Gabriel Cabra.

Made up of 12 songs, the album includes the song "Let Me Tell You", a collaboration with the legendary New York pianist Eddie Palmieri.

"My debut album was about recognizing damages and vulnerabilities, realizing that they are not weaknesses, but signs of strength," he said in an interview with Rolling Stone. “Now with‘ Almadura ’, we release that strength and courage.”

His recent single "Temes" raises a serious and direct questioning towards machismo. In the music video, directed by Milena, intimate scenes reveal a story of hurtful aggression. I asks - without hesitation - "why are you afraid of me?"

ile - Almadura

Ileana Cabra Joglar, artistically known as iLe, was born in Santurce, Puerto Rico, on April 28, 1989. She is a Puerto Rican singer who was the female voice for 10 years of the musical group Calle 13, with her brothers René Pérez Joglar «Resident »And Eduardo Cabra« Visitor ». While he was part of the band he made several contributions with productions and artists in Puerto Rico and abroad.