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Ibrahim Maalouf is a french - Lebanese Jazz trumpeter. There is, quite simply, no trumpeter in the world today who sounds like Ibrahim Maalouf.

This has everything to do with his instrument, which is reported to be similar to the microtonal one invented by his father. But instrument (with all of its idiosyncratic features) notwithstanding, Mr Maalouf has the ability to infuse his laying with a rare degree of emotion even when – unlike many of his contemporaries – he is playing extremely loudly for considerable lengths of time on a given piece of music.

​Lebanese-born father Nassim Maalouf and son Ibrahim Maalouf are two unusual trumpet players, who play quarter-tone trumpets to achieve the “notes between the notes”—half-sharps and half-flats—characteristic of Arabic melodies.

The classical Arabic maqamat is comprised of 55 different melodic scales and modes that utilize both quarter- and three-quarter tone intervals, which standard trumpets are unable to reach.

Ibrahim Maalouf