A wide-ranging trumpeter, arranger and composer, Humberto Ramirez is comfortable playing straight-ahead Latin jazz (on his solo releases for Tropi-Jazz).

American trombonist Ed Byrne, an instructor at Berkley School Music, has an exceptional cover letter - it is enough to review his recordings and arrangements with Eddie Palmieri, Conjunto Libre and Bobby Paunetto, in the seventies - which is complemented as a freelance trombonist in the American jazz field.

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Italian pianist, vocalist and arranger Massimo Scalici presents Celosa, a single that invites vocalist Freddy Ramos.

​Of all the post-swing styles, Latin Jazz has been the most consistently popular and it is easy to see why. The emphasis on percussion and Cuban rhythms make the style quite danceable and accessible. read more...


Marimjazzia is a Latin jazz ensemble formed in 2014 by Puerto Rican percussionist, marimba soloist and jazz vibraphonist Dr. Juan Álamo. read more

The saxophonist from Cordoba, Argentina, Rudy Albano, currently based in Holland, presents his most personal album to date with the suggestive title My origins.

Mr. Marín is a pianist of immense potential. He combines the rhythmic muscularity of his left hand with right-handed flights of fancy. ​His third release "The One"showcase his talent on a magical trip of diverse musical influences, exciting and introspective rhytms and heartfell melodic and harmonic messages from the heart.see more..

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