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Puerto Rican Orchestra Salsa, Timba and Son, under the direction of trombonist Miguel Edgardo "Egui" Prado Rivera.

Born into a musical family, his passion for creative expression through sound was encouraged by his parents, long-time musicians themselves.

Mexican flutist, composer and arranger Miguelito Martinez builds a solid bridge between Cuba and Mexico with Cuba Le Canta a Mexico, his second musical production, a Tribute to Mexican Composers with the help of Cuban musicians -all the vocal part- and instrumentalists of the West Coast.


Carlos Xavier is proud to announce the release of his debut album Vive Todo Ahora featuring nine songs that embody the rich history and diverse nature of Salsa music, but with Carlos’ unique take on the genre he loves. 

The debut of Danny Green with his quintet, Caballero-Verde, was registered in 2005 with the name Past Due. The group was formed by the duo consisting of Danny Green, pianist born in San Diego (USA), and trumpeter Bill Caballero (Jack Costanzo) in 2004 in San Diego, California.

Colombian vibraphonist and tresist Dorance Lorzaarrives with his sixth album as a soloist, Sweet Hot Coffee, a very special celebration to commemorate his 15th birthday with this format.


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Opera prima by Cuban bassist Yunior Terry, youngest son of the mythical Pancho Terry, founder of the famous group Maravillas de Florida. Yunior Terry is one of the most versatile and talented bass players in the jazz scene in New York City.

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The Paris All-Stars group is an ensemble of first-class musicians who are regular recording artists at the Paris studios in the city of Tampa.

Pin Pin Pon, new and fifth production of the US orchestra The Echo Park Project. 12 cuts recorded between Los Angeles, in their majority, New Jersey and Tampa are arranged by Joe Mannozzi, Oscar Hernandez (Spanish Harlem Orchestra), Matt Amper, Sony Bravo and John Belzaguy. 

Clandeskinaaims a new hit with his third album Se Fue El Amor. The ensemble created in Cali by the pianist, composer, arranger and producer Davis "Mamuth" Gallego.