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Gunhild Carling grew up in a musically family in Sweden. Father Hans Cooling (also known as king of trad jazz) trumpet, mother Aina banjo. Brother Max Carling (clarinet, violin, saxophone)  multi talented Juggler, rope dancer, composer, arranger, Sister Gerd piano, trombone, saxes, dance acrobatics composing, Ulf drums, dance, trumpet, vocal.

The Carling Family is unique in this world—their remarkable talent spans three generations, and all family members play several instruments, dance, sing, and have brought the classic Vaudeville style into the new age! 

Their specialty is hot, energetic jazz in the 1920’s style, coupled with the beloved variety acts that have always been the core of great entertainment (think of them as the entire “Ed Sullivan Show” within one family!).

The Carling Family have toured all over the world; Europe, The United States, Asia, and South America. Only three more continents to go!

Gunhild Carling

The Carling Family Band was founded in the early 1980’s by Hans Carling (1942-2017), a trumpet legend in Swedish Jazz. Hans Carling composed over 500 pieces of music in different styles (jazz, classical, string quartets, baroque, blues, medieval, marches), but his greatest creation was passing along his love of entertainment to his children, who—in turn—have passed it along to their children.

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