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A Jíbaro in NY is the most recent single from the Guateque Project group, a number in the Puerto Rican sonero Jossie Leon (World Orchestra). Created by the Colombian producer Pipe Londoño in Medellin, the ensemble invites the arranger Pedro De Jesus to play this piece by Edgardo Irizarry.

​​Edgardo Irizarry composer of "UN JÍBARO EN NY" was inspired by the first Boricuas who emigrated to New York in the 1950s in search of new opportunities, pursuing the iconic "American dream" of making money to maintain their family and save with the desire to buy a house on the island.

However, that dream was not so simple, the borders of a new language, discrimination and cold were unknown situations for those Puerto Ricans and their progress plans.

The song "UN JÍBARO EN N.Y." tells the story of a jibarito who loved the rumba and reinvented himself every day in the city of New York, listening and singing Guaguanco!

Guateque Project