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​Gregor Huebner - El Frio y la Oscuridad

The Cold and the Dark, vocalized by Johnny Almendra, is a charanga to the Young Del Barrio, where percussion plays a fundamental role.

The German violinist, composer and arranger Gregor Huebner.

​Gregor Huebner

The Violin Latino Vol. 2, whose vocals were recorded between New York, Montevideo and Holland, is a new approach to Latin currents from three different perspectives, Cuban, Argentine and Brazilian: Huebner is accompanied by an instrumental triptych with the best exponents in their genre.

Gregor Huebner - Tiempo De Almendra

Born in Stuttgart and based in New York since 1994, Hubner, who is also the leader of the group Salsa Fuerte - with which he has released the albums Fantasía (2007, Peregrina Music) and Featuring Yumarya (2012, Veit Huebner) - obtained his Master in jazz composition at the Manhattan School of Music and also work with Los Jóvenes Del Barrio, the charanga directed by the timbalero Johnny Almendra and Eye Contact by the bassist Harvie S.