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ED Martinez y su Conjunto - Tres Rodriguez

Ed Martinez y Su Conjunto

Que No Se Acaban Los Cueros, album recorded between New York and Puerto Rico, presents the arrangements of Edwin Rodriguez, and Francis Rodriguez.

​Dedicame un Son (Alfonso Osuna) highlights Moncho Rivera in the vocal part while Rafu Warner intervenes in Historias de Brooklyn (Alfonso Osuna), number in which William "Kachiro" Thompson plays the congas solo. Tres Rodriguez, a number vocalized by Chico Alvarez, is a tribute to some of the most renowned musicians in salsa with the surname Rodriguez and who played a role in the project: Charlie Rodriguez, the tresero and the pianists Edwin and Francis Rodriguez.

Ed Martinez and Su Conjunto debutan with the recording Que No Se Acaben Los Cueros, a gathering of the best performers of salsa. Rafu Warner, Chico Alvarez, Luis Aquino, Alfonso Osuna, Jose Gazmey, Camilo Azuquita, Ruben Rodriguez, Johnny "Dandy" Rodriguez, Manuel "Maneco" Ruiz, Charlie Rodriguez are some of the names that give him enough credentials to the project.