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American trombonist Ed Byrne, an instructor at Berkley School Music, has an exceptional cover letter - it is enough to review his recordings and arrangements with Eddie Palmieri, Conjunto Libre and Bobby Paunetto, in the seventies - which is complemented as a freelance trombonist in the American jazz field.

After several decades without news of his musical activity, Byrne surprises us with the album Conquistador, a record of Latin jazz in which impetuous young people accompany his jazz expedition.

Conquistador presents eight songs signed by Ed Byrne, along with their respective arrangements.

The use of slow tempos characterizes the execution of some numbers (Fenway Funk, Marabunta, Blue Rendezvous, Stairway to the blues and Remembrance, the latter a bolero), as well as the determined dynamics and intensity of the themes One for Carlos and Conquistador, our preferred. Musical solos performed - in different order - by Byrne, Damian Curtis (piano) and Carl Clements (tenor and soprano saxophone), constitute the backbone of most of the interpretations included. Luques Curtis (bass) and Esteban Arrufatt (timbal), prominent band leaders, participate in this band.

Conquistador is undoubtedly one of the discs of greatest musical interest in Latin jazz in 2012. By Roberto Carlos Luján

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