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Born on December 27th, 1968 as Ramón Jiménez Salazar, his transformation to Diego would arise after a family dispute in the same baptismal pool and "Cigala" thanks to the Losada brothers.

Madrilenian from the Trail, talent came easily to the family and, although his mother Aurora and sister were not professional singers, those who listened to her sing were impressed by the echoes of flamenco in her voice.

Diego Cigala - Moreno Soy

As part of this cultural exchange Diego has had the opportunity to count on the talent of Oscar D'Leon, Bobby Valentin, Larry Harlow, Roberto Roena, Eddie Montalvo, Nicky Marrero, Jorge Santana, Gonzalo Rubalcaba, the Muñequitos de Matanza, Luis Perico Ortiz, Horacio el Negro, José Aguirre, Diego del Morao, etc ...

These are just some of the more than 70 musicians of different nationalities who have contributed their essence to Indestructible.

Indestructible because time will never be able to erase the legacy and musical richness of salsa, a genre that shows us that borders do not exist.

Diego el Cigala

It is a strange thing that someone anywhere on this planet has not moved his body to the rhythm of salsa. But not many are those who can explain with all property that the genre deserves what is really the sauce.

What is SALSA? This is the question that moves Diego "el Cigala" to undertake this project.

Diego, restless and curious artist where he has been and accustomed to the great challenges has built his career with the difficult achievement of being awarded among other distinctions with several Latin Grammy for his incursions in genres that are not his like tropical music or tango Argentinian.

From his encounters with Caribbean music, Diego extracts great musical treasures, discovering more and more the roots that mix the music of both sides of the Atlantic. These experiences lead him irremediably to make contact with salsa and to admire its authors and performers