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We highlight the first production of the flutist Dave Santiago and his Latin Affair group as one of the best that will be made in 2002. Later he had the re-issue of the Dutch label Walboomers in 2004.

The album was very well received by the European public, who turned songs like La Botija de Abuelito, Chibola and La Peluca into hits that filled the dance floors. The album, which featured the musical direction of trombonist Rick Faulkner, was adorned by the arrangements of Ifrain Rolon, pianist Edwin Sanchez and Faulkner himself.

​Composed of 11 cuts, mostly unpublished songs and the cover of the Cuban classic La Botija De Abuelito -popularized by Tipica 73 with the vowels of Panamanian C. Azuquita-.

 The production was also supported by the great vocalist Luis “Tirano” Rodriguez , who was one of the great stars in the golden age of salsa for his work with Bobby Quesada and Su Mafia Del Guaguanco, El Conjunto Candela 79 -sello SARS-

And the group of Cuban pianist Alfredo Valdes Jr. El Tirano Rodriguez vocalizes Chibola , Suavito Asi and La Peluca, without a doubt the most interesting cuts of the album.

Chibola, an arrangement by Rick Faulkner, as well as La Peluca, features a solo flute by Dave Santiago Jr, who repeats a solo at La Botija De Abuelito. Other of the arrangers in the disc is the pianist Edwin Sanchez, who also recorded with Ritmo Seis, Nabori, Little Johnny, George Delgado and Chino Nuñez.

Dave Santiago and his Latin Affair

  • Si Tu No Me Quieres.4:28