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Daniela Spalla

Daniela Spalla is an Argentina that has been conquering us with her music, her lyrics but above all her talent, as a singer and pianist, she has participated with several great artists such as Ximena Sariñana, Natalia LaFourcade and Julieta Venegas.

​Daniela confessed that in her early days she played jazz, her first opportunity to enter the music industry was not easy, because the producers saw in her an opportunity to demonstrate to friends the abilities they could have, leaving aside the needs or what Daniela Spalla really wanted.

The lyrics in each of her songs always speak of youth and have even been compared to lyrics for teenagers but what very few people know is that each of the lyrics are inspired by what she lives or feels, transmitting her way of See life.

As a composer she is bold, each one of the letters reflects a reality that we have surely lived or seen.

In the beginning she did not feel comfortable with what she played, there was no essence of her in the songs and much less in the lyrics, which led her to move to many places including Mexico where she would finally see her dreams come true.

Mexico has received it with open arms because in this country people do not have prejudices with different genres or even to know new sounds or artists.