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Prieto has assembled a large ensemble of extraordinary talent, with a number of musicians he's partnered with previously.

​The aforementioned Apfelbaum is here, along with folks like pianist Manuel Valera and trumpeter Mike Rodriguez. But also included are guest appearances from Lynch, Threadgill, and Coleman, as Prieto clearly sees this record as an opportunity to recognize his debt to musicians who have influenced and mentored him over the years.

Along the same lines, each of the album's nine pieces is dedicated to assorted jazz luminaries, ranging from Art Blakey to Jerry Gonzalez to Andrew Hill, giving further evidence of the sheer breadth of Prieto's omnivorous musical tendencies. 

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The astonishingly talented and prolific drummer Dafnis Prieto has done a lot since moving to the States from his native Cuba in 1999. 

​ And he's recorded a significant number of his own dates, with small groups ranging from trios to sextets, all of which highlight Prieto's distinctive approach to using the Afro-Cuban musical tradition as a springboard for all manner of stylistic and rhythmic innovation. 

The one project he hadn't yet attempted? A big-band album. But with Back to the Sunset, that's now been fixed. And the results are as invigorating, imaginative, and rhythmically exhilarating as one would expect from such a fearless and restlessly creative musician.