​Colette Michaan - Historia De Un Amor

In his most recent work Incarnate, which is dedicated to his daughter Kiana, Colette is re-invented once again, and accompanied by a group of first-class instrumentalists brings us 9 cuts, among which we find some classic and other unpublished.

​Colette Michaan

​Colette Michaan - Querencia

​Colette Michaan - Incarnate

​Colette Michaan - Guajira Para Cielo y Tierra

With the arrangements of the Chilean pianist Pablo Vergara, Incarnate also presents the Israeli trombonist Reut Regev -detached in the cut Obatala-, the Cuban percussionists Roman Diaz and Yusnier Sanchez Bustamante, as well as the violinist Mireya Ramos and the Venezuelan timbalero Luisito Quintero. 

His debut, First Cause, which appeared in 2004, we fell in love with first time. The eclecticism brought by the American artist of Egyptian roots was one of the best ten recordings of that year according to this portal.

Querencia - her second production - that appeared in 2010, was only the consolidation of Colette as an integral artist. Apart from these three recordings, counting the latter, Colette has also accompanied with her flute the Charanga de Soleil and Nu Guajiro / Nu 'Dlux by Aaron Halva.

​Is a musician, a Native New Yorker; born, raised, and living in the heart of the city. She is a first generation American from an Egyptian Syrian family.​​​

Influenced by a great variety of rhythms among which we could mention the North and West of Africa, as well as Cubans, Caribbean, Indians, Arabs and a long career in jazz, the flutist Colette Michaan never tires of surprising us.

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