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Bomba Estéreo is no stranger to finding this balance as the band's known for melding tradition with experimental electronic beats.

The timing of the song and its accompanying video, which evokes natural and otherworldly imagery, could not be more fitting as we exist almost exclusively in an electronic world, constantly confronting the problems that be, and longing for an escape that the natural world can offer.

As lead singer Liliana Samuet says, "We made this album so you can dance to it at a club, but at the same time it has a profound meaning.

It's meant for you to dance perreo with a conscience."

Liliana Samuet, the voice behind much of Bomba Estéreo's new release.


Bomba Estéreo, "Agua"

After four years of silence (minus the wildly popular Tainy remix of "To My Love"), Bomba Estéreo is back with three singles off its much-anticipated new album Deja.

"Agua" embodies, both in name and in sound, a piece of the elemental energy the album is designed to communicate.

From the track's opening syncopated beats and percussive bird calls to the mid-song injection of long-time friend and collaborator Lido Pimienta's striking vocals, "Agua" manages to walk the line between the natural and the artificial.