​Mike Freeman

​Mike freeman

Blue Tjade, album recorded in Tedesco Studio, is a tribute to the great Cal Tjader, vibraphonist who set the Latin scene as none, and of which Freeman is influenced in his performances.

​Blue Tjade, album grabado en Tedesco Studio, es un homenaje al gran Cal Tjader, vibrafonista que marco como ninguno la escena latina, y del cual Freeman se deja influenciar en sus ejecuciones.

Freeman, who has excelled in salsa and Latin jazz productions (Fabulous 70's by Son Boricua, Good Vibrations by Ray Mantilla, Black Sugar by Lucho Cueto, Para Mi Madre by Manny Padilla & Baya Allstars, Flavor and Swing by Los Hermanos Mangual or most recently in All Natural by Luis Blasini or El Regreso by William Mendoza And His Latin Heartbeat Orchestra)

Freeman, quien se ha destacado en producciones de salsa y jazz latino (Fabuloso 70’s de Son Boricua, Good Vibrations de Ray Mantilla, Black Sugar de Lucho Cueto, Para Mi Madre de Manny Padilla & Baya Allstars, Sabor y Swing de Los Hermanos Mangual o mas recientemente en All Natural de Luis Blasini o El Regreso de William Mendoza And His Latin Heartbeat Orchestra)

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​Born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska, and residency in New York since 1981, the vibraphonist Mike Freeman.

​Nacido y criado en Omaha, Nebraska, y con residencia en New York desde 1981, el vibrafonista Mike Freeman .

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