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ORQUESTA  AKOKAN             

Musical styles became calls and answers, improvisations, and the focus on a music saturated with tones and interactions.

Of all the post-swing styles, Latin Jazz has been the most consistently popular and it is easy to see why. 

​Definitely the breakout Latin pop.

​La música cubana ha sido materia prima.

 A conocido el éxito mundial gracias a su canción 'Mayores'.

Vocal Sampling may sound like a full salsa band - but in reality their unique sound is created by a six piece all-male Cuban a-capella group.

Tubista who has been working for big Hollywood studios and recorded for more than 1500 movies and television shows.

​American composer -with European blood- of countless works in different genres.

Personally I love the Latin Jazz sound because there are so many variations that never get old.

Pop singer-songwriter. She is known for her vocal abilities .

Here is published his most recent work - Cuerno Exotica.

Sus ritmos no son ortodoxamente bailables.

El humor de la Colombiana  triunfa en Viña del Mar.

The Japanese vocalist, arranger and composer Mari Koga presents Perfect Blue.

​Es por derecho propio un personaje imprescindible a la hora del balance de la salsa Newyorquina.

His unique style and fresh sound are the product of experimentation and inbred musical instinct.

Dedicada a sacarle al pop todo.

​Arabic influence in latin  music.

​​Singer, Producer, Drummer.

​​Latin Jazz & More

Pianist. Afro-Cuban and Latin Jazz performers.

 Brazilian phenomenon Céu has captivated the world with her beautifully simple melodies.

​Concentrated jazz with rumba flavor.

 Is a newly-assembled supergroup of Cuban musicians.

This is an ambitious project that presents me not only as a pianist or improviser, but also as a composer, arranger.

If you aren’t already aware, Japan knows how to design and build trains.

​Yomo Toro, master of the cuatro.

Created in 2014 in Tokyo, Japan, the group Banderas launches its debut album La Bandera.

​Elton is the third most successful artist in the history of the American charts.

​​Dave Valentin, who recorded over 15 albums for GRP.


​Bunnett (with her Spirits of Havana ensemble)

16-piece ensemble that combines Colombian rhythms such as Cumbia and Chandé with funk and powerful Jazz arranging techniques.

Italian soul singer, Mario Biondi, is making a late charge for global stardom with his album, ‘Sun’, featuring the hit single, ‘Shine On’.