Banderas Orquesta


Kazuma Koseki - piano; Yoshiaki Hagiya - vowels; Yasuji - percussion; Tinnen - percussion; Masaaki Otomo - low; Dategen - congas; Izpon - bongos; Takeshi Ogawa - timbales; Masayuki Nakayama - trombon; Ichirou - saxophone; Naohito "temjin '" Yomoda - trumpet


The initial track, Tema De Banderas, attests to this. An effervescent and forceful discharge with the outstanding performances of Naohito "Temjin '" Yomoda on the trumpet, Ichirou on the saxophone, Masayuki Nakayama on the trombone and Takeshi Ogawa on the timbales. Turn Your Lights Down, originally recorded by Bob Marley & The Wailers, is a romantic salsa with powerful arrangements designed for that demanding dancer. Kangaroo Boogaloo, one of the most sticky tracks of the album, amalgamates the cha-cha-cha and the boogaloo. Decidete or Dejala Que Siga Andando, the classic popularized by Hector Lavoe, is re-interpreted by the Japanese with a lot of flavor and its own touch.

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Created in 2014 in Tokyo, Japan, the group Banderas launches its debut album La Bandera (P-Vine Records / Zainas), with a quite suggestive sub-title: Salsa Classics and Destroy. With classical music musicians, as well as some of the musicians of funk, reggae, typical Cuban music, salsa and afrobeat, Banderas is a collective that possesses surprising power and energy.