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Arturo Sandoval & WDR Big Band “Mambo Nights” In the course of a career that goes back about forty years, Arturo Sandoval has worked on innumerable album productions both as soloist and as side man.

With “Mambo Nights” Señor Sandoval has delivered an eloquent example of his qualities as a performer. In the opening piece, “Sofrito” by Mongo Santamaria, Sandoval and the WDR Big Band, in cheerful mood, set the scene of their plan to revive the great era of Afro-Cuban jazz on this album.

In this timeless classic, Sandoval at first keeps a low profile, almost as if he were just warming up; then the following track, “Come Candela”, also written by Mongo Santamaria, sets off a magnificent firework display of spectacular trumpet sounds.

In particular his high-register solo notes leave the listener gasping and gaping in amazement. As a reporter from the Washington Star once wrote after a concert: “Sandoval reaches notes most trumpeters barely even know.” 

Arturo Sandoval And WDR Big Band Mambo Nights