SE LLAMA SABROSO by Zona Franka   

The extraordinary Cuban singer Karmen Muradas read more..

From Philadelphia, Celestino Sanchez and his 11-piece ensemble CSAN II present JAZZ-SALSA  read more..

Sr. Wilson is one of the most respected artists on the Reggae and Dub scene, with a career spanning over 10 years  read more .. 

“Dance” is the title of this new album   read more..

Treesha was born in Nairobi, Kenya as Patricia Wambui Mwaura

Dominican singer Lirow  read more..

“Satisfy Me” is the breakup story of a strong woman. The song is the second single release from TriXstar’s read more..

Candela and Lo Demás

read more..

César Orozco is a prolific Cuban/Venezuelan pianist read more

El salsero venezolano Richard Saoco acaba de lanzar su nuevo sencillo titulado “Pronto Volverás”.  readmore..

The Colorado band Niceness presents their second album, Realize read more..

Latin jazz scene, trombonist-composer Noah Bless has immersed himself in Afro-Cuban music  read more

British horn player Sarah Willis has joined forces with young Cuban colleagues  read more ..​

Las Karamba is a young refreshing band formed by six women  read more..

La cantante, compositora, flautista, productora y enfermera de profesión Izis “La Enfermera De La Salsa”  read more..

Can you breathe? Or are you wheezy? A spell binding meditation from Khalia read more..

Colombia singer/songwriter Andres Cepeda wrote SALVAPANTALLAS (with Felipe Gonzalez “Nabalez” and German Duque “Mango”) read more..

Graban homenaje a Puente, padre read more..

Korinnya (Kоріння) is the 4th full-length album for Ukrainian-Canadian Artist Auresias read more..

El sabor de la salsa quedó plasmado en el vídeo “La vampiresa”. Ariel Ragues y Michel de Armas 

Colombian singer Adaly Plaza presents her new work by Oscar Yovanny Chamorro entitled “Confiésalo”. 

Yahaira Plasencia es una cantante de salsa nacida en Lima, Perú  read more..

​​El Cantante Dominicano Enyel Co, presenta su nueva propuesta de música tropical salsa titulada “Vuelve Conmigo” read more..

Hard hitting conguero, Johnny Blas read more

    Latin Jazz & More

Over the past 10 years, SR. WILSON has built a reputation as one of the most active artists on the European Reggae & Dub scene read more..

The salsa singer-songwriter JOSÉ LUIS JORDI Y SU ORQUESTA, launches his third salsa video clip "DIME QUE TE QUEDARÁS"  read more

Ryan is a pianist, producer and composer based out of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.   read more..

Maelo y su Klan returns to the music scene in 2021 with his new song “Son Kizomba” read more..

Sisa Me will be releasing the next single of their debut EP “Seeing The Good In The Bad”  read more..

Santiago All Stars is a pioneering salsa orchestra made in Chile read more..