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These tasteful musicians’ interpretation of Alberto Nacif’s original music is evocative and sensuous, and true to its Cuban roots.

Aguanko has received local and national attention, and their live concerts have dazzled capacity crowds at the multiple venues where they have performed.

Elemental mixes the organic sounds of a water fountain with the rumba, in this case executed by Nacif in the bata drums. Chasin 'Chano is a download where Miller plays a stellar performance on the saxophone. We also highlight the performance of bassist Pat Prouty.

Elemental by Aguankó

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To unite the water and the guaguanco was the initial idea of ​​the Mexican conguero Alberto Nacif to create his collective Aguanko, a concept that can be seen in the piece that gives the title to the recording.

Aguankó Pattern Recognition

Conga player and composer Alberto Nacif and the superlative musicians who make up the sizzling Latin Jazz septet Aguanko have completed their new Latin Jazz recording titled “Pattern Recognition”, available in July 2018! This recording features the core group of Aguanko musicians from the incredibly rich Detroit area Jazz scene performing original music which will further the trajectory of this exciting group.

​Alberto Nacif

Aguanko, made up of top-class musicians from the Michigan area, presents a collection of classics where jazz, salsa and traditional Cuban music take the lead in an unbeatable melting pot.