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Adaly Plaza Serrato, was born in Elías in the southern department of Huila, Colombia, part of her childhood lived in Palmira Valle del Cauca, where she acquired her passion for Salsa.

The peculiarity of her voice makes her a different and unique artist, who transmits joy and flavor with each performance. His talent has had an important reception in the salsa music world, since it refers to the pure essence of salsa that had an important influence in the 60's and 70's, rescuing that pal ‘dancer rhythm.

His song "Salsa Brava" is an unpublished song, which has had an important reception in the demanding salsa audience; as well as his songs "Melao" and "Bendito Montuno", have sounded in different cities around the world such as: Barcelona, ​​Argentina, Mexico, New York, Caracas, San Juan de Puerto Rico among others, they are being held in important places in the world. rating of the Salsa Brava.

The Colombian artist has been entering the salsa genre in a majestic and explosive way, accompanied by her orchestra "La Tavandera" in an incomparable way. Adaly, in addition to being a singer, is also a passionate songwriter.

His unpublished album will soon be released with a series of compositions that will surely be the milestone in Colombian salsa.

Adaly Plaza - Confiésalo

Colombian singer Adaly Plaza presents her new work by Oscar Yovanny Chamorro entitled “Confiésalo”. This theme has a tremendous introduction to the rhythm of a bolero that in the end becomes salsa for the dancer.

​The lyrics and arrangement are by the maestro Oscar Yovanny Chamorro and an excellent performance by Adaly Plaza, who has become known for his unique style and metal sonra voice, creating his own label for the enjoyment of all his public.