This is an ambitious project that presents me not only as a pianist or improviser, but also as a composer, arranger.

His unique style and fresh sound are the product of experimentation and inbred musical instinct.

A Jíbaro in NY is the most recent single from the Guateque Project group, a number in the Puerto Rican sonero Jossie Leon (World Orchestra).

Here is published his most recent work - Cuerno Exotica.

​Of all the post-swing styles, Latin Jazz has been the most consistently popular and it is easy to see why. The emphasis on percussion and Cuban rhythms make the style quite danceable and accessible. read more...

 Brazilian phenomenon Céu has captivated the world with her beautifully simple melodies.

The Japanese vocalist, arranger and composer Mari Koga presents Perfect Blue.

It’s time for a Taiwanese take on Latin jazz. Appropriating Afro-Cuban sounds, drinking from danzón and getting drunk with salsa and latin-jazz.

Abriendo Camino (The Machete), an arrangement by Miguel Zenon, starts this recording in a decorous way.

​His album, precisely, Abriendo Camino comes to ratify that his work is not accidental. It is the result of his work and his inexhaustible talent, two elements that conquer summits.

With minimum technology, they use only their voices, their cupped hands and their own bodies to create a full range of timbres and textures. 


This exquisite balance has been the hallmark of Mr. Kroon’s music and it has brought in many admirers for his loose elegance that has, nevertheless, boasted a gentle swagger that has given Mr. Kroon’s music a gentlemanly wallop.

Musical styles became calls and answers, improvisations, and the focus on a music saturated with tones and interactions.

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