Dayron was an instrumental part of the team which created the upcoming release ABRAZO: THE HAVANA SESSIONS, a PARMA-produced double album recorded November 9-13, 2015 in Havana, Cuba

With musicians from different countries, ages, races and musical influences living in Barcelona, ​​they have traveled the whole world making dance from Asia to South America to the public. read more...

  • Flight to Jordan3:52

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Guitarist, composer and producer Jesse Cook is considered one of the most influential musicians within the "nuevo flamenco" genre.  His new video for his track "Hembra"

The pianist, composer, arranger and band leader Rick Arroyo  born in the Bronx, New York, at an early age he learned to play the piano, drums, congas and vibraphone.

His work has been valued in the West Coast of the United States by such important figures as Francisco Aguabella, Bobby Matos, Bill Laster, Dan Weinstein and Jhonny Polanco, among others. read more

"I had a blast making this video with my friend Juan Medrano, in his beautiful home town of Cartagena, Colombia. We wrote this song together, and Juan suggested we make a video for it."   read more...

​​Sandoval started playing with street musicians as a 12-year-old boy. He dabbled in percussion and piano, but his love for the trumpet took over. Along with others in Cuba’s fledgling jazz community.

​It is a strange thing that someone anywhere on this planet has not moved his body to the rhythm of salsa. But not many are those who can explain with all property that the genre deserves what is really the sauce.

​What is SALSA? This is the question that moves Diego "el Cigala" to undertake this project.

read more..

​​Latin Jazz & More

Is a Brazilian singer who mixes elements of Cuban music with elements of Brazilian music in her songs. read more...

​Of all the post-swing styles, Latin Jazz has been the most consistently popular and it is easy to see why. The emphasis on percussion and Cuban rhythms make the style quite danceable and accessible. read more...

The simple Anhelo is the debut of the Indestructible Orchestra, a group led by Costa Rican Jaime Chinchilla. 

The ensemble, created in the city of Winnipeg, Canada, performs a bolero guajira with naturalness and highlights Julian Beutel in the trumpet solo, as well as Chinchilla himself in the congas, while in the vocal part we listen to the Venezuelan Daniel Avilán . read more